Adson Forceps

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Tissue forceps with the opposing blade surfaces covered with long, needle-like teeth

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52104-30            Micro-Adson forceps, 4.75in, serrat           

52104-31P          Brown-Adson Forceps, 4.7in, Side Teeth    

52104-31            Brown-Adson forceps, side teeth  

52104-32            Micro-Adson forceps, 4.75 in, 1x2 teeth .5

52104-33P          Adson Forceps, 4.75 in, teeth + serrat        

52104-33            Adson forceps, 4.75 in, teeth + serrat        

52104-34P          Adson Forceps, 4.7in, 2X3 Teeth  

52104-34            Adson forceps, 4.75 in, 2 X 3 teeth             

52104-35            Adson forceps, 4.75 in, 1 X 2 teeth             

52104-36            Adson Forceps 4.75in TC, Cross Serrated   

52104-39            Micro Adson Forceps, 4.75in, Serr. 1mm Tip

52104-39  ADSON FORCEPS; Long; Serrated; 1mm Tip Width; Length 4.75"

52104-30  ADSON FORCEPS; Delicate; Long; Serrated; 0.5mm Tip Width; Length 4.75"

52104-35  ADSON FORCEPS; 1x2 Without Serrations; 1mm Tip Width; Length 4.75"

52104-36  ADSON FORCEPS; Long; Tungsten Carbide; Cross Serrated; 1mm Tip Width; Length 4.75"

52104-31  BROWN-ADSON FORCEPS; Long; 7x7 Teeth; Length 4.75"