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Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitor


The 50370 Blood Pressure Monitor is perfect for measuring the effects of drugs on animals.

• Preheating of animals not required

• Use with animals under 10 grams

• Use with C57 BL6 Mice and colored Mice

• Use with Zucker Fatty Rats

• Use with Hamsters (with a leg cuff anesthetic)

• The only monitor that can be used with Guinea Pigs—even without anesthesia

• The only monitor that can be used with OB (diabetic model) Mice

Provided the room temperature is at least 23°C, the animal’s blood pressure can be measured without heating the animal. After photoplethysmographically measuring tail arterial blood pressure, pulses are stored in the computer memory and peak levels of the pulses are plotted on a display. Preheating of animals not required so thermal stress can be avoided


Easy Operation

• Two operation modes are available–Mode 1: HR (Heart Rate) and SBP (Systolic Blood

Pressure) and Mode 2: HR, SBP, MBP (Mean Blood Pressure) and DBP (Diastolic Blood

Pressure, calculated value) can be measured.

•Continuous measurement can be performed up to ten (10) times

• Rapid Printout function

• Colored mice such as C57BL/6, neonatal mice, hamsters (anesthetized) and guinea pigs (non-anesthetized) can be measured

• Sick animals can be measured. (e.g. animal with cardiac infarction)

• Multi-channel system is no longer needed. Just prepare multiple restrainers, and measurement can be done one after the other

• Auto-Sequence Function blood pressure of a tail artery of an animal can be monitored

automatically at specified time intervals, which can be 1-99 minutes in length

• Time-Stamp Function

• Hard Copy Function

• An RS-232C interface is provided on the rear panel of the main unit. Using the optional

Data Collection Software (Windows OS only) the data obtained can be exported to a personal computer and stored as a CSV file

• The animal holders are made of dark brown acrylic, allowing BP measurement under relatively stress-free conditions

• Operation is very simple

Included Accessories

Includes built-in high-speed printer, 9” (22.86 cm) display, measuring stand, choice of cuff-pulse sensor, animal holder, and 5 rolls of thermal chart paper. For PC compatibility, Data Collection Software

50391, sold below, is not required.

Included Accessories

Includes: Built-in Printer, 9" Display, Measuring Stand, choice of Cuff- Pulse Sensor, choice of Animal Holder, and 5 rolls of Thermo Chart Paper. A high-speed Thermal Printer, integral to the instrument, is also included.


For PC compatibility, Data Collection Software (50391), is necessary.


blood pressure monitor direct

Digital display of systolic, diastolic, and mean pressure, plus heart rate. These highly accurate monitors are used with implanted catheters and a transducer to monitor blood pressure directly. They can be used to present a digital display of blood pressure (mean, diastolic, or systolic) or heart rate; or as a front end signal conditioner for data acquisition.

For use with catheterized or cannulated vessels

Digital display of systolic, diastolic, and mean pressure, plus heart rate

These highly accurate monitors are used with implanted catheters and a transducer to monitor blood pressure directly. They can be used to present a digital display of blood pressure (mean, diastolic, or systolic) or heart rate; or as a front end signal conditioner for data acquisition.

Any full or half bridge pressure transducer can be used as the input. Our 56360 Pressure Transducer, listed below, is suitable. A four-position selector switch allows the researcher to choose which of the derived values (mean pressure, diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, or heart rate) is to be displayed.

Easy Calibration

A simple pressure calibration procedure is provided to calibrate the monitor for any full or half bridge pressure transducer.

An automatic heart-rate tracking circuit is included, there is no requirement for the researcher to set or reset thresholds.

Five Outputs

Five analog outputs (BNC connectors) are provided: one each for mean, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, one for heart rate and one for the pulse wave form. Single and dual channel models. The dual channel model can be rack mounted.


non-invasive blood pressure monitor (indirect)

A revolutionary design bringing non-invasive blood pressure testing to another level.

IITC the true "Gold Standard" and still World Leader in mouse and rat tail cuff blood pressure measuring systems.

IITC has once again designed a first for laboratory research equipment - a true turn-key system when it is key critical for determing accurate, consistent blood pressure on mice, rats or any other laboratory animal test subject.

A true, compact, simple yet versatile system that can test from a single up to 200 animals at a time with independent control of each channel. Simple daisy-chaining of systems allow expansion of systems, up to 200 independently, controlled systems.

No other system in the world has such vast capabilities as the IITC blood pressure systems. These new mouse and/or rat blood pressure systems have all components now built into 1 small unit. Controls, inflation of tail cuff, built-in warming environment with whisper quiet fans has fnally been designed to allow you the user an ideal system for teaching facilities and for the pharmaceutical industry when high through-put is a must. Single animal systems are controlled from the touch screen which allows keying in all necessary test setups. Temperature of internal environment - we suggest 34 deg. C for mice/ 32 deg. C for rats but can be set lower. Methodology is still the only low temperature "validated" tail cuff method that is world reknowned for accuracy for 37 years. Touch screen control allows ease of operation supplying automatic evaluation of test results - systolic, diastolic, mean and heart rate. No need for pulse calibration of the systems, analog outputs standard for both pulse and pressure. Data is collected, stored, displayed and can be transferred to the supplied memory stick. USB allows for software control for multchannel systems and for single animal systems software is supplied enabling users to view and export data collected. A minimum of 36 recordings per channel can be stored per channel/system. Reports are internal in an Excel style format, simple migration of data. Our systems DO NOT require to have computers purchased or the IITC software, we are compatible with most data collection software on the market. The analog output allows users to interface their existing data collection software with our blood pressure systems when existing software exists. When studies call for an MRI setting these systems can still be used due to the independent design. Tail cu­s can be in any setting and are not required to be connected directly to the electronics at any time. IITC supplies extended test cable lengths of the sensors when MRI testing is to be performed. Cleaning of systems are an ease, removable trays are supplied standard with each system when needed. All systems are supplied with a standard 2 year warranty. Lifetime warranty on all IITC sensors.

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Mean Blood Pressure (MBP)          Cuff pressure when pulse amplitude becomes largest

Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP)     Calculated value based on SBP and MBP   (3MBP-SBP)/2

Detection                           LED,  Photo Transistor

Inflation Range                       0 - 350mmHg

Printer Outputs             Date, Time, Animal No., Weight, Operation Mode, Interval,   No of Measuring Trials, Raw Data,  Average and S.D.

Chart Paper                      Thermo-sensitive 58 mm Wide x 25m Long

Power                                     110-240V, 50/60hz

Dimensions                               210W x 310D x 210 mmH

Weight                                             Approx.  8 kg