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Use to affix stainless steel to skull or bone, for lab repairs, or for casting of hard acrylic parts. Particularly useful for securing bone anchor screws in skull holes or cementing cannulae in place.

Dental cement can be cut, drilled or ground. Mixture is exothermic.

Kit includes 1 pound of dental cement, 8 oz. of solvent, and the kit pictured above.


Bone Anchor Screws anchor cannulae or other chronically-attached appliances to skull. Ideal for use in ensuring that Dental Cement (Cranial Plaster) attaches appropriately in Stereotaxic Surgeries. For appropriate hole size use drill bit 51455-5 Stainless Steel Screws #0-80, 1.59 mm O.D., 3.2 mm long. Package of 100


Slotted Precision Screw-Holding Screwdriver           features a precision blade for use with small precision screws. Blade thickness of .028 in. expanding to .045 in. Ideal for use with Bone Anchor Screws (51457)

Split-blade screw-holding driver wedges into screw slot

Positive gripping action holds, starts, and drives slotted screws in small, awkward, hard-to-reach places\

Ideal for use with Bone Anchor Screws (51457)

Has pocket clip

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Powder/Liquid Ratio                     (3:1) 30cc / 10-12cc (depending upon technique)

Working Time of Mix

(Time to initial gellation; viscosity increase)               2 minutes from start of mix

Mix Time                           15-30 seconds


Stainless Steel Screws #0-80, 1.59 mm O.D., 3.2 mm long. Package of 100