Hydraulic Joystick Driven Micromanipulators

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This remote control system provides coarse and fine movement on the same axis (Coarse 15mm, Fine 5mm). Furthermore, the hydraulic fluid absorbs hand vibration and the joystick allows for 3D movements


Inject quick and easy with the Manual Manipulator, 3D 5mm each, w/Joystick

Coarse/Fine on the same axis (Coarse 15mm, Fine 5mm)

Absorbs vibration from hands by using hydraulic fluid

Joystick allows for 3D movements

Compact design

Uses remote control system

Compatible with both right and Left hand users

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Incl.            U-1 Universal Joint

Travel     Coarse X/Y/Z 15mm ea. Fine X/Y/Z 5mm ea. 500um/1 revolution handle Scale resolution 4um Joystick on X/Y plane, 2mm/max.

Size              Control section W180 x D180 x H130mm Driving section W55 x D100 x 60mm

Weight      Control Section 1,220g, Driving section 230g