High-Temperature Disposable Cautery Pens

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Aaron manufactures more cauteries than anyone in the world. High temperature cauteries are popular for many types of procedures including, pinpoint hemostasis, controlling diffuse bleeders, vasectomies, and sculpting woven grafts. Individually packaged sterile, 10 per box.


Sterile and Disposable

Stop bleeding immediately with these handy, sterile, disposable cautery pens. The platinum filaments reach up to 2200°F (low-temp pen up to 850°F) within milliseconds, to heat-seal cut blood vessels. The tip allows positioning without obstructing the user's view. A locking cap secures the on/off switch to prevent accidental operation, and protects the tip.


Economical and Disposable

Discard the instrument when the built-in batteries are dead. Supplied in packages of 10; each pen in it's own sterile pouch.

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