Ugo Basile Electroconvulsive Device

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The Basile Electroconvulsive Device is designed for inducing convulsions in research animals. Consistent, reproducible current levels are produced by feedback circuitry that adjust for variance in impedance of the contact from animal to animal.

The impedance to the animal can be pre-measured and displayed, and a warning signal flashes if the impedance is too great to deliver the desired current level. The Electroconvulsive Device is supplied with auricular (ear lobe) electrodes. Corneal electrodes (57803) are optional.

An optional Biphasic Unit box may be placed between the animal and the Electroconvulsive Device to invert every other pulse. Maximum frequency in this case becomes 100Hz.

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57800   Ugo Basile Electro-Convulsive Device        

57800V Ugo Basile Electro-Convulsive Device, 220V***DISCONTINUED        

57802   Set of Auricular Electrodes (included with 57800)  

57803   Set of Corneal Electrodes for 57800           

57805   Foot Pedal for 57800      

57808   BiPolar Inverter for 57800

Frequency               1-299 pulses/sec.

Shock Duration     0.1-9.9 sec.

Compliance Voltage         2.5 kV

Current Range                   1-99mA

Output Impedance              0 Ohm to 25 kOhm

Pulse Width             0.1 - 0.9 ms.

Pulse Rise and Fall Time     20 µs

LED Display                0 to 199 kOhm