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Anesthesia Masks enable gas anesthesia to be used with rats or mice in a Stereotaxic instruments, with minimal researcher exposure to anesthetic gases.


51610 - For Rats in a Stereotaxic Instrument

Stoelting's 51610 Rat Anesthesia Mask is designed for delivery of gas aneshesia during stereotaxic surgery. The gas anesthesia mask is installed over the incisor bar, with the cone opening toward the open “U”. The animal (rat or mouse) is installed by placing its teeth over the incisor bar, and sliding the adaptor forward until the cone is snug about the animal’s nose, thereby substituting for the nose clamp. The teeth and the cone provide a snug, stable hold.  Anesthetic gas flows in the tubing connector, past the animal’s nose, and out the other side. Spent gas may be routed to recycling, exhaust or gas analysis instruments.


Anesthesia Masks enable gas anesthesia of rats in a Lab Standard™ (Product Number 51600), Rat Adaptor (Product Number 51621) or 51500 series of Stoelting Stereotaxic Instruments (sold separately).


50267-Anesthesia Platform and Rat Mask

The Gas Anesthesia Platform and Rat Mask (No. 50267) allows for anesthetization and positioning of the rat outside of a stereotaxic device. It also is an ideal platform for dorsal surgery. The platform provides a means of easy movement of an anesthetized rat to and from a stereotaxic apparatus or other device.

The animal’s teeth are placed over the incisor bar and the mask slid forward until the cone is snug about the animal’s nose, so no nose clamp is needed. The platform is then lifted onto an appropriate stereotaxic device, providing positioning of the animal that is perfect, automatic and effortless!


Stoelting stereotaxic anesthesia masks allow for direct delivery of anesthesia for procedures requiring stereotaxic frames. 


Stoelting's 51609M is designed to deliver gas anesthesia during stereotaxic surgery. 51609M is compatible for use with mouse stereotaxic instruments including: Mouse and Neonatal Rat Adaptor (Product Number 51625), Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Series (Product Number 51730) and Just for Mice Stereotaxic (Product Number 51625) Series. Adjustable snout clamp provides secure positioning for direct gas delivery. Inlet/outlet and outlet tubing connections allow for continuous flow of anesthesic gas and active gas scavenging from gas scavenger.


Also shown: Tabletop Anesthesia System (Product Number 50263), Active Gas Scavenger with Filter (Product Number 50206/50207), Scavenger Intake Adaptor (Product Number 53036), Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument (Product Number 51730) and Tygon Tubing (Product Number 53684).


Stoelting's 51609 mouse anesthesia mask is designed to delivery gas anesthesia during stereotaxic surgery. Product Number51609 is compatible with Stoelting's 51500 series of Stereotaxic Instruments. Cone fits snug about the animal's nose to ensure stability during surgery. Equipped with tubing inlet and outlet mounts for gas delivery and scavenging.


50264 - No longer available, see Product Number 51609M

MRI-Compatible Gas Anesthesia Mask and Platform also available


gas anesthesia masks (general surgery)

Available in sizes to fit all rodent, feline and canine patients, these high-quality plastic masks feature a 15mm connector, clear cone for full visualization, and a highly flexible, replaceable rubber diaphragm for a leak-free fit.

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Dimensions (Platform)     6.25" x 1.5" (L x W)