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Stoelting’s newly-designed ventilators for Mice and Perinatal Rodents are compact, quiet, lightweight and virtually vibrationless. They may be positioned directly next to the animal, eliminating tidal volume error due to system compliance.

While designed specifically for mice, the MiniVent can be used for any animals (e.g. birds and perinatal rats) which require tidal volumes in the range of 30-350 µl. The MicroVent Ventilator is ideal for very small animals, even perinatal mice, which require tidal volumes in the range of 0-130 µl. Both feature respiratory rates of 60-400 breaths per minute.

The tidal volume can be varied continuously throughout its range, during operation, without interrupting ventilation. The expired air can be recovered at the collection ports for sampling, recycling or generating a positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP). Room air, or any non-explosive gas mixture, can be used to feed the pump intake.

Larger ventilators produce large tubing and instrument dead space volumes. This introduces greater system compliance issues which can affect the accuracy with which the full tidal volume is introduced into the animal’s lungs. These ventilators reduce the tidal volume error due to system compliance to 3 µl.

The MicroVent and MiniVent are constant volume respiration pumps operating on the Starling principle. Unlike conventional units for larger animals, these ventilators employ a rotary plunger and have no valves. During each ventilation cycle, the plunger performs a synchronized forward and rotating movement. Cleverly arranged bores and channels in the cylinder and plunger control inspiration and expiration during each stroke of the plunger.

A multi-gas inlet adaptor is available so that alternate gas mixtures and nebulized substances are delivered to the inlet port at atmospheric pressure. The adaptor provides ports for multiple selectable gas mixtures (hypoxic, anesthetic, etc.) and a port for the Aerosol Nebulizer.

Each ventilator comes complete with: one€ wall-mounted power supply (115 or 220V); two silicone tubings, 1.5mm I/D, 3.0 mm O/D, I4 cm length; one 1.3mm O/D tracheotomy Cannula; one 1.2 OD Intubation Cannula.



• Ideal ventilator for mice, birds, perinatal rats and perinatal mice

• Stroke volume range from 30 to 350 μl

• Ventilation rate from 60 to 400 breaths/minute

• Simple adjustment of stroke volume while running

• Valveless piston pump—no valves to clog

• Very small instrument/circuit dead space volume

• Compact construction, easy to install close to animal

• No vibration, very low noise

• Reduced tidal volume error 

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