Dual Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument

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The Stoelting Just For Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument was specifically developed for the expanding growth of research being conducted in laboratories using knock-out and transgenic mice. It is our smallest and most economic steretaxic instrument. The Dual Arm Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument can decrease surgery times and help reduce potential time-consuming errors. A second manipulator arm is convenient, if not mandatory, in applications such as dual injections, bilateral cannulations, simultaneous stimulation and recording, etc.

The Stoelting Just For Mouse™ is ideal for researchers in need of a versatile, reliable instrument for stereotaxic procedures with mice and other small rodents. Precision alignment when using the Just For Mouse ensures accurate placement of electrodes, micropipettes, cannula, and other devices. Stoelting’s Just For Mouse is the only instrument built especially for mice, and offers several advantages over competing "made for rat" instruments.


Small Footprint

The small size, one of the smallest on the market, is ideal for laboratories with small spaces or for use in surgical suites that require transportation of equipment to and from surgical facilities. A zeroing function allows the user to target specific coordinates in the brain for injection, implantation, etc. Calculation of distance measurements is thus no longer necessary...saving valuable time and improving accuracy.


Dual Manipulator Arms

Add another manipulator arm for increased versatility. Often used for electrophysiology studies that requires both recording and stimulation.


Unique, light ear bars

Ear bar posts may be independently adjusted in height—a unique feature of this stereotaxic instrument—to level the skull. Ear bars are composed of light Delrin material with tapered points or non-invasive rubber pads or jaw holder cuffs. Laser engraved scales show the vertical positions of the ear bars. Model organisms with soft skulls, such as the mouse and the neonatal rat, are difficult to secure firmly in a traditional stereotaxic instrument. The stainless steel ear bars used for adult rats are too heavy to provide a secure hold without compressing the sides of the skull inward (which closes the airways and impedes blood flow).


Our smallest and lowest priced Stereotaxic Instrument!

25cm X 25cm Footprint

Gas Anesthesia compatible

Ear and tooth bar post height adjustment to accommodate animals between 10-75g

Delrin® ear bars, with 3 types of head holders

Triple lead screw in manipulator arm for fast positioning

Dual arm capable (2nd Arm is optional)

Digital LED display (Digital Only)

Software and motor controlled (Motorized Only)

Integrated Stereotaxic Atlas (Motorized Only)

Accurate to 100 microns (Non-Digital), 10 microns (Digital Only) or 1 micron (Motorized Only)

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