Dual New Standard™ Stereotaxic, Rat and Mouse

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The innovative design of the New Standard™ Stereotaxic Instrument provides users with the ability to perform surgeries on both Mice and Rats on the same base. The New Standard™ includes a 100 micron 3-axes, left-hand manipulator arm, separate rat and mouse adapters, dual-sided (18° and 45°) rat ear bars, triple point mouse ear bars, and corner clamp probe holder. The Dual Arm version can decrease surgery times and help reduce potential time consuming errors. A second manipulator arm is convenient, if not mandatory, in applications such as dual injections, bilateral cannulations, simultaneous stimulation and recording, etc.


Like the classic Lab Standard™, the NEW Standard Stereotaxic Instrument has larger laser engraved vernier scales (accurate to 100 um), 80 mm of ventral-dorsal, medial-lateral and anterior-posterior travel, absolute lock at 90° ventral-dorsal and brass-bushings for electrical grounding. It is available as a digital or motorized model.


But the NEW Standard "design" is what sets it apart:

Revolutionary vertically-adjusting ear and nose bar posts

Revolutionary horizontally-adjusting ear and nose bar posts

Designed for both Rats and Mice all on the same base

No U-frame, maximizes operating space

Traditional and non-traumatic Rat ear bars

Includes the innovative Mouse ear bars

Includes Mouse and Rat Nose adaptors

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