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For Neural Recording System

Triangle Biosystems  nternational has developed a high channel count wireless neural headstage system that allows researchers to continuously and simultaneously obtain biopotential data from up to 5 electrodes. No longer do experiments have to be constrained by wiring a test subject to the recording system.The complete system is comprised of a wireless headstage transmitter with integrated battery, RF        signal receiver/baseband demodulator,power supply and all required cables. With an effective range of 4 meters,this system provides a wireless con­nection  between  the implanted  electrodes  and  the  data  recording system.

In the development of this system,TBSI utilized custom ASIC technology and proprietary radio design techniques to provide high channel count functionality in a wireless headstage that is both small and light weight (2.7-3.6 grams).  This design also incorporates neural preamplifier cir­ cuitry to create an extremely compact and powerful transmitter.



•Reliable wireless operations across 4 meters

•Compatible with 1 Mohm or lower electrode impedances

•Factory configurable total system gain (800x standard)

•DAQ integrated solutions available - NeuroWare® software certified

•Rechargeable internal battery power up to 4.2 hours

•Typical bandpass filtering per channel:8Hz to 7kHz

•5OkHz sampling rate per channel

•Weight 2.7/3.6 grams

•Dual radio systems available

•Magnetic on/off switch technology

•Analog signal and TTL event inputs on receiver (requires internal DAQ)

Parameter              Min  Typ   Max  Units        Notes

Power Supply

Battery life                      3.5         4.2   Hours    Re-chargeable battery with 20 minute                             rapid recharge time


Analog Input Specs

Input voltage range              4         mVolts    Maximum Input voltage Vp-p

Gain Selection           790    800   810           Factory selectable total system gain

Bandwidth                  0.8          7000  Hz      -3dB input signal level BW

Input impedance                        12M       Ohms        At 1kHz

Input referred noise             8.5        µVrms    for DC 10 kHz frequency,30 µV

Input referred noise             5.5        µVrms    for 500Hz - 5kHz frequency

Sampling Rates/Channel          50         kHz    At headstage (max 30kHz sampling rate/channel at ADC)


Mechanical Specs      Single Board       Dual Soard       

Length                   24.4          21.8     mm    Edge to Edge (including connectors)

Width                18.6          11.1     mm    Edge to Edge

Height                   10            12.5     mm    Edge to Edge

Weight                  2.7            3.6      grams With connector and dipped package

Input connector                                                               8 Pin omnetics, .025"


Radio Specs

Center frequency                      3.05             GHz    With +/- 100 Mhz bandwidth

Transmit power                                      300   µW @ 3 meters      FCC Sec.15 109B(a )

Transmit antenna                     3.05             GHz    Tuned chip antenna with circular diversity

Transmit range                          4.0           Meters  With connectors and dipped package


•NeuroWare® provides user­ customizable digital filtering & referencing, spike triggering

& multiple data viewing options

•OptiMapTM provides real-time & offline LED tracking,time-saving post-processing functionality and option for data synchronization with NeuroWare™ data sets

» lnternal receiver DAQ provides up to 24 TTL event inputs & one analog data input,synchronizable to headstage data in NeuroWare®


Receiver output options include analog data to an ADC of your choice or digital data to NeuroWare™ or both modalities together.