USB Pre-Programmable Dual Channel Neural Stimulation System

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Triangle BioSystems International presents a dual channel wireless neural stimulating headstage system that allows researchers to generate and upload two separately customizable waveform patterns via a simple USB interface. Alternatively, the two channels can be combined to achieve  an even larger voltage differential. The complete system is comprised of a wireless stimulating headstage with integrated battery, StimWare™ pattern generation software, and a USB cable for uploading waveforms and recharging. The StimWare software interface allows the user direct control over the details of the uploaded stimulation pattern, including three tiers of nested patterns.


This small headstage unit can be quickly and easily mounted on an animal's head and, depending on the programmed signal frequency and amplitude, can provide up to weeks of wireless  stimulation before draining the battery completely. Additionally, this headstage can be used concurrently with our wireless, tethered or multiplexed neural recording headstages.



Available with 2 channels, independently enabled and programmed

Up to ± 1mA output

Headstage weight: 3.3 grams

Internal 60mAH rechargeable battery (battery life varies with stim pattern requirements)

Reprogrammable with StimWareTM via USB tether connection

Communicates data with StimWare™ via USB dongle transceiver

Up to 12 bits of current resolution

Magnetically controlled on/off and standby/active mode switches

LED indicators for mode type, battery life, & USB charging

Parameter              Min  Typ   Max  Units        Notes

Power Supply

Battery life          3          5.5   Hours    Re-chargeable battery with 15 minute                             rapid recharge time


Input Impedance Specs

6.5kΩ                             ±1  mA  Up to 100μs pulse width; Max output current

25kΩ                             ±260 μA   Up to 150μs pulse widthcurrent

50kΩ                             ±130 μA   Up to 250μs pulse width

100kΩ                           ±60  μA  Up to 100μs pulse width; Max recommended impedance

Headstage Mechanical Specs           

Length                            22.8          mm    Edge to Edge

Width                        18.4           mm    Edge to Edge

Height                           8.5           mm    Edge to Edge

Weight                          3.3           grams With connector and dipped package

Output connector                                                            4 Pin Male Mill-max, .050"


Software features

In using StimWare™ for the 2 channel wireless stimulator system,you are provided precise control over every aspect of your experiments.Just set the details of your signal in our user­ friendly interface,then upload the pattern. It's that easy.

System control options include:

Initial Delay

Single Pulse Current and Duration

Train Pattern (Multiple Pulses)

Stimulus Pattern (Multiple Trains)