TBSI 5, 16 , 32, 224 Channel Multiplexed Neural Recording System

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Triangle Biosystems International offers a family of channel multiplexing analog headstage sub-assemblies designed to significantly reduce tether density and increase interface efficiency between implanted electrodes and external neural recording/analysis equipment. Each headstage preconditions as many as 32       neural signals into a single multiplexed output, providing a high gain, bandpass filtered buffered connection.


The M-Series haadstage design is based on a custom,low power VLSI developed by TBSI. The result is a data acquistion solution with superior performance and reduced wire connection in a very small form-factor with less weight. The complete recording system includes a demultiplexer unit with system gain of 800 (customizable upon request). Use of a slip-ring commutator is highly recommended to capitalize on these low wire counts to further improve in vivo mobility and behavior. Our multiplexing hardware is ready for integration with our ADC hardware and NeuroWare® data acquisition software.



3 wire interface cable for first 32 channels, just 1more wire for each additional headstage

Headstage  Wight :0.5-0.8 gram

Up to seven headstages (224 total channels) per demultiplexer base Station

DAQ integrated solutions available-NeuroWare® software certified

Factory configurable gain (800x standard)

Compatible with 1 Mohm or lower electrode impedances

Typical  bandpass filtering per channel:8Hz to 7kHz

50kHz sampling rate per channel

Options available for commutator and headstage-mounted LEDs

Analog signal and TTL event Inputs on base station (requires internal DAQ)


NeuroWare® provides user­ customizable digital filtering & referencing, spike triggering & multiple data viewing options

OptiMapTM provides real-time & offline LED tracking,time-saving post-processing functionality and option for data synchronization with NeuroWare™ data sets

» lnternal receiver DAQ provides up to 24 TTL event inputs & one analog data input,synchronizable to headstage data in NeuroWare®


Base station output options Include analog data to an ADC of your choice or digital data to Neuroware™ or both modalities together.