TBSI Inductive Power Accessory

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For Wireless Recording and Stimulation Applications

Triangle BioSystems, presents the perfect solution for longterm wireless recording and stimulation applications. This unique inductive power accessory  is designed to keep a wireless headstage's internal battery perpetually charged, thereby enabling indefinite and uninterrupted device operation.

The wireless power system consists of four major pieces: a proprietary non-linear power amplifier, a custom-sized magnetic field emission coil, a magnetic field harvester coil, and a power harvesting circuit installed within the head-mounted device. The power amplifier provides AC power to the emission coil, which induces a harmless magnetic field within its perimeter. The harvester coil, tuned to receive maximal energy from the magnetic field, feeds any gathered energy to the harvester circuit. The harvester circuit then utilizes this energy to power the wire­ less device and to rechargeits internal battery.

This inductive power accessory opens up a previously unavailable experimental paradigm, allowing longterm continuous monitoring or stimulation of the brain while facilitating natural animal behavior.



•Enables indefinite recording time for W/S-Series headstages

•Magnetically controlled on/off battery and transmitter switches

•LED indicators for headstage power and battery charging

•Biocompatible packaging available

•Modular design ideal for most experimental environments

•Compact battery further reduces headstage size and weight

•Upgrades available for previously purchased standard headstages

•Magnetic fields guaranteed to be safe and undetectable by animals

Parameter              5.16ch  32ch    64ch      Units        Notes

Power Supply

Voltage Input            120     120     120       VAC

Power Input             28      28      28       Watts

Field frequency              1.136   1.136    1.136     MHz


Mechanical Specs     

Length                35.8    37.7     40.6      mm       Edge to Edge

Width                     24.1    27.8     33.6      mm       Edge to Edge

Height                12.2    12.4     12.4      mm       Edge to Edge

Weight                4.5      5.1      5.7      grams