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TBSI Recording and Stimulation headstages include an internal battery that provides 4 or more  hours of use. The current draw of a headstage is based on its configuration. Headstages can be configured to use an external battery if you need longer operation time or need to move weight off of the test subjects head. External batteries can also be exchanged while the headstage is at­tached and in use allowing you to extend the experimental operating time with minimal interruption.

10mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 12x 11x 3**

•Weight: 0.6g


40mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 15.3x 15x 6**

•Weight: 1.5g


60mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 16.2x 11x 6**

•Weight: 1.6g


75mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 20.8x 11.5x 4.7**

•Weight: 1.5g


180mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 28x 20x 4.5**

•Weight: 4.4g


200mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 34x 11.6x 6.2**

•Weight: 4.7g


220mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 30x 25x 3.8**

•Weight: 5.3g


300mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 40x 32x 3.0**

•Weight: 7.8g


500mAh Battery

•Dimensions: 35x 25x 5**

•Weight: 10.4g

Headstage Current Draw

Regular Power Tranmitter

Headstage       S2       S2WO″   W5    W16     W32     W64     W128

MAh Draw          14        21-61    13     16   16     19       38


High Power Tranmitter

Headstage       *          *     W5    W16     W32     W64     W128

MAh Draw          *           *      24     29    29    34       67