TBSI Biosensor Add-Ons

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TBSI offers three biosensor options for use with a wireless recording headstage of any channel count. Each biosensor samples and transmits data in place of one or more neural recording channels. You can choose to install any combination of unique biosensors into a wireless or tethered headstage package


The accelerometer PCB accessory will monitor x, y and z acceleration at the headstage and output this analog information using 3 active headstage channels .The data can later be analyzed in software to determine head velocity and position.


The microphone accessory will produce the best data when combined with the 16ch wireless headstage which can sample analog channels at lOOkHz. All other wireless headstages sample at 5OkHz and will limit the microphone bandwidth to 25kHz instead of 35kHz.


This option includes one external small thermistor, imlpantable with EIB interface or placeable outside the animal. The thermistor accessory has a temperature range of O to 70 degrees celsius. The length of the thermistor's tether should be specified at the time of purchase.



•Enables indefinite recording time for W/S-Series headstages

•Magnetically controlled on/off battery and transmitter switches

•LED indicators for headstage power and battery charging

•Biocompatible packaging available

•Modular design ideal for most experimental environments

•Compact battery further reduces headstage size and weight

•Upgrades available for previously purchased standard headstages

•Magnetic fields guaranteed to be safe and undetectable by animals

Headstage Dimension Adjustments**

•Length: +.4"

• Width:+.2"



•X, Y, Z data collection

•Replaces 3 channels

• Weight: .4g



•30-35kHz frequency range

•Replaces 1 channel

•Weight: .3g



• 0-70°C temperature range


•Replaces 1channel

• Weight:  .1g