TBSI Saddle Harness Instructions

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The TBSI Saddle Harnessis intended for use on a mouse (004-0001-10),rat (004-0001-20} or Species of similar size. Eachis equipped with a silicone base and Velcro secured to the top for easy attachment and removal of external (non-head mounted) TBSI headstage components and/or battery.



1.Carefully inspect the Velcro or Velcro base to be certainitis securely attached  to the silicone saddle harness base prior to use. Replace the saddle harness if the Velcrois not securely attached.

2. Attach battery or electronics to the saddle harness before placing it on the animal.

3. Fit the loosely assembled harness over the animal's head .The belly bands should go around the front legs and the harness should be oriented with the animal's spine as shown (Figure 1)

4. Pull belly bands (Figure 2) to tighten harness around the animal. Belly bands should be tight enough that animal cannot bite at them or escape,but loose enough to avoid chaffing .Check tension daily and adjust as needed as the animal grows.

5. Trim excess belly band tubing using scissors,but allow enough for the animal to grow.

6. Battery or TBSI Headstage components should be carefully removed from the saddle harness when not in use.

7.To remove the attached components,carefully grasp the Velcro base on the saddle harness and peal it away from the attached electronics. Do not pull on the saddle harness silicone base alone to detach the electronics as this may tear the attached Velcro or Velcro base from the harness.


Trouble Shooting

•Chaffing. Loosen belly bands. Check for correct orientation (step 1 above).

•Animal chews at belly bands. Belly bands may be too tight or too loose.

•Animal escapes from harness . Tighten belly bands.

Product Information

Description           Part Number      Weight      Silicon Base Dimensions

Mouse Saddle Harness      004-0001-10       0.7g       0.6 x 1.5 x 1.3

Rat Saddle Harness      004-0001-20       4.1g       1 x 2.7 x 2.7