AMPI ISO-Flex Stimulus Isolator

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The Flexible Stimulus Isolator

optically isolated

constant current /constant voltage

bipolar pulses

5-Year Warranty



ISO-Flex is a flexible stimulus isolator since:

ž   ISO-Flex is optically-isolated.

ž   You can switch the unit to constant current or constant voltage using the CURRENT/VOLTAGE switch.

ž   You get bipolar pulses by connecting two isolators.

Each isolator should receive its input at its proper time. One input to drive the positive phase of the bipolar pulse, and the other to drive the negative phase.

In the constant voltage configuration both isolators should be set to constant voltage and in the constant current configuration both isolators should be set to constant current.

ISO-Flex is supplied with 2 batteries: a standard 9V battery in the ISO-Flex box and a 90V battery in the battery housing.

The 9V battery is used for the operation of the isolator.

The 90V battery is used to drive the output pulses.


Set Up

To set up the ISO-Flex connect its voltage wire to the battery housing.

To reduce stimulus artifact and other noise:

Use short wires for the stimulus outputs (locate the ISO-Flex unit close to your preparation). Twist the wires together.

It is recommended that the wires not be shielded in order to eliminate capacitance to ground.

The metal chassis of the battery housing shields the 90V battery. Ground it via its banana jack.

Input: 5-10V

Voltage output: 0-90V

Current output: 0-10mA

The output is divided into 3 ranges.