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The Morris Water Maze is one of the most widely used methods in behavioral neuroscience to assess spatial and learning memory. The Water Maze tank is filled with water and equipped with a platform (60030) which acts as a means of escape for animals. During testing, animals learn the location of the platform using spatial cues. The Water Maze tank is made of aluminum and is available in three different sizes for testing of Mice, Rats or both.

Platform (60030) is included.

60135 Morris Water Maze

The maze has advantages over conventional mazes such as:

Elimination of local cues such as trace sents

No fixed escape formula


Pools are nested in customized carts on swivel casters with wheel brakes.

Elevated to make the pool more accessible

Include wheels, which provide convenience in positioning, adjusting and storing the maze.

Side drains for quick emptying and cleanup

Include islands for use in Morris Maze applications (Default island 60030)

The Hydraulic Water Maze Platforms can be lifted and lowered automatically by hydraulic force. Constructed of clear Perspex, the platforms are operated solely by hydraulic force, no electricity is present inside the pool! Up to 4 platforms are driven by the same controller (or by PC) so that the platforms do not need to be repositioned within the pool during the course of the experiment.  Completely automate with ANY-maze!

No more hands in the water!

Connect up to 4 platform/motor combinations to the 4-channel control unit. Each platform is driven independently, so that the Water Maze experiment can be completely automated by positioning a platform in each of the 4 quadrants of the pool. Once the 4 platforms have been positioned in the pool, each is connected to the external motor, via the connectors conveniently fitted to the Water Maze tank.

Can be operated manually or automated with ANY-maze Video Tracking Software!

The platforms go up and down in steps of 1cm, for a total vertical travel of 10cm.

Different operation modes are possible; in the manual mode the vertical travel is controlled by depressing a key; in the automated mode, the platforms can be operated by external triggers (TTLs), controlled by ANY-maze Video Tracking Software!

Important Notice: For use with Water Mazes 60404, 60405, 60406, 60407 ONLY

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Hydraulic Water Maze Platform:

4 independent channels : manual or TTL mode

 Platform vertical range : 25-35cm

 Vertical travel : 10cm, in 9 steps

 Platform Speed : 10mm/s

 Platform diameter : 10cm