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Stoelting’s Multi-Configuration Behavior Apparatus is a completely automated system designed to make behavioral tracking convenient and affordable without compromising features. At the heart of ANY-box is the critically acclaimed ANY-maze software, coupled to Stoelting’s ANY-maze interface (AMi) device. This combination of core components allows you to automate as many as eight ANY-boxes for simultaneous testing.

Multiple Tests with a Single Base

ANY-box is a multi-configuration behavior apparatus designed to automate a range of standard behavioral tests in mice and rats. ANY-box uses the same basic components in different tests, creating a flexible and affordable solution for behavior analysis. Mouse and Rat complete automated systems include everything you need for automated assessment of:

• Memory

• Locomotor Activity

• Anxiety

• Drug Effects

• Exploratory Activity

• Stress Response

Individual Automated Tests also available.

Each individual automated system includes:

• ANY-box Software

• ANY-maze Interface

• Universal Base Plate

• Camera & Camera Accessories

• Enclosure of your choice (Open Field, Light/Dark, Conditioned Place Preference, Object Recognition or Hole Board)

ANY-box is a customized version of ANY-maze software* together with the ANY-maze interface (AMi).

Purchase the 60005 Software/Interface core one time.Once you own the Software/Interface core you can use it to track as many as 8 ANY-boxes simultaneously.

Pair the Software/Interface Core with the amazingly versatile ANY-box Base (65101)which includes everything you need to monitor behavior:

Unique frame

FireWire camera (on an adjustable mount)

Exclusive photo beam array (to capture rearing behavior)

Add an arena. You can mix and match as many arenas as you would like. Therefore if you’re using your ANY-box as an Open Field but want to test animals in the Light/Dark box you need only swap out the inserts (sold separately).

*Note: Macintosh Operating Systems are not supported.

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