Radial-Arm Maze

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The Radial-Arm Maze has been used extensively in evaluating spatial learning and memory. The apparatus consists of eight (or 12) equidistantly-spaced arms radiating from a small, circular central platform. The design ensures that, after checking for food at the end of each arm, the rodent is forced to return to the central platform before making another choice. The subject always has eight (or 12) possible options.

Available for rat or mouse.

Available with either 8 or 12 arms.

Walls are held solidly in slotted base, but lift off for easy cleaning.

Grey, non reflective base plate.

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Catalog Number                         Width       Length    Arm Wall Height

8 Arm

60150 Radial Maze Mouse          5cm           35cm          9cm

60250 Radial Maze Rat              10cm          50cm         13cm

12 Arm

60155 Radial Maze Mouse          5cm           35cm           9cm

60255 Radial Maze Rat              10cm          50cm         13cm

Shipping Dimensions:

60150:  38 x 39 x 6 in, 36lbs