Automated Scratch Counting for Mice

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The SCLABA-REAL enables the real-time, long-term, quick, and accurate quantification of scratching behavior in mice by analyzing images with a proprietary special high-speed camera and software.

The novel scratch analyzer, SCLABA-REAL, calculates “frame-to-frame difference” that is a mouse’s migration area per frame by capturing animal behavior at the rate of 240 frames per second using an innovative high-speed camera containing an image processing system.  The whole system quantifies the number and duration of scratching behavior automatically by time course analysis of the “frame-to-frame difference” and evaluate the degree of itching from many directions.

You can perform prolonged measurements because the stress on mice from the preliminary treatment and environment is excluded.  The timer which activates the system automatically enables it to start analysis at night.

Although scratching behavior is a critical item for the drug development, its quantification by visual check has been subjective. However, the SCLABA-REAL provides automatic objective and accurate analysis of scratching behavior.

The high-speed camera contains an image-processing system enabling real-time quantification of scratching behavior of mice. Records and analyzes scratching behavior continuously for up to 24 hours.

The recording platform has a built-in infrared light panel. Records scratching behavior, in a natural state, using the invisible near-infrared light. This system allows evaluating of scratching behavior not only in regular light but also in the darkness.

Output Data:

Number of scratching behaviors

Duration of scratching behavior

Graphic representation of scratching behavior

Test up to 4 mice at one time

Voltage input: 110-240V, 50/60hz

Weight: 450g

Frame rate (camera): 240 frames per second