Elevated Plus-Maze

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The Elevated Plus-Maze is used to assess anxiety in rodents. The maze exploits the conflict between the innate fear that rodents have of open areas, versus their desire to explore novel environments. The Elevated Plus- Maze is designed with an elevated plus-shaped platform, with two closed arms and two open. Open Arms are equipped with a height-adjustable lip to minimize falls. The lip or ledge can be adjusted from 0 to 15mm.

Available for rat or mouse

Height Adjustable Lip to minimize falls.

Closed arm walls are held solidly in slotted base, but lift off for easy cleaning.

Grey, non reflective base plate.

Removable walls and legs mean the maze can be stored flat when not in used.

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60140   Elevated Plus Maze, Mouse          

60240   Elevated Plus Maze, Rat

Number                             Lane Width (A)     Arm Length (B)     Wall Height (C)    Leg Height (D)

60140 Plus-Maze, Mouse       5cm                      35cm                     15cm                 50cm

60240 Plus-Maze, Rat           10cm                      50cm                    40cm                 50cm

All values are Nominal