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For Light/Dark Conflict Test

The Light/Dark Box is a characteristic tool used in the assessment of anxiety. The basic measure is the animal’s preference for dark, enclosed places over bright, exposed places. Time spent in the lit (light) half of the arena, and the related exploratory behaviors, are reliable parameters for assessing anxiolytic effects that may be useful in identifying and/or screening of anxiolytic and anxiogenic agents.

Available for rat or mouse.

Walls fit solidly in slotted base, but lift off for easy cleaning.

Grey, non reflective base plate.

A fully automated version of this test, for mouse, is also available.

Rat version has two enclosures on a single base.

Dark side lids lift off.

Black perspex is infrared transparent allowing a suitable camera to see into both sides of the box (requires an infra-red illuminator).

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63200   Light/Dark Box, Rat (2 enclosures)              

63101   Light/Dark Box, Mouse

Description                     Width               Depth                 Height

Rat (2 enclosures¹)        100cm               50cm                  35cm

Mouse                             40cm                40cm                  35cm

¹ Dimensions are per enclosure


Overall Width      Height       Test Chambers Dimensions        Start Box Dimensions

40cm x 40cm       35cm                  20cm x 40cm                           20cm x 40cm