Ugo Basile Automatic Reflex Conditioner

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Active Avoidance Shuttle Box

The Ugo Basile Automatic Reflex Conditioner (Active Avoidance Shuttle Box) enables researchers to perform the full range of Classic Pavlovian Conditioning experiments including:

• Escape

• Learned Helplessness

• Avoidance

• Multicrossing Avoidance

• Extinction

The compact control unit incorporates scrambler shocker, internal memory, embedded printer and software connection. The sturdy perspex boxes use tilting floor as movement detection method and are available for mice or rats. Partitioned cages are provided with visual (light) and acoustic (sound) conditioning stimuli.

Run a wide range of avoidance tests with Gemini’s flexible hardware and software!

Unlimited Schedule Flexibility

The Shuttle Avoidance Instrument lets you specify any shuttle box schedule, including escape, learned helplessness, avoidance, multicrossing avoidance, or extinction, for any number of trials or timing parameters, including random.

Flexible Stimulation Protocols

Lights and tones (for visual or acoustic cues) are provided, and may be used together or alone. When sound is used, the researcher may specify tone frequency (in Hz) and level (in dB). Scrambled shock generation is built-in and may be specified as during, after, or delayed after the warning stimuli.

Immediate Feedback

Data may be printed on the built-in thermal printer for immediate feedback in a selection of graphic and digital formats.

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