Gemini Active and Passive Avoidance System

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The GEMINI Active and Passive Avoidance System was designed specifically to test active and passive avoidance in rats and mice. Unlike many others, GEMINI’s hardware and software have been developed for the sole purpose of your avoidance study. Available in two configurations, shock or shock and air puff, GEMINI’s unique design allows you to run up to 8 independently-operated stations directly from your laptop!


Configure up to 8 independent avoidance chambers for rapid testing of subjects

Ensure data accuracy by setting up your study in advance

Run the entire system from your laptop or PC using a standard USB port

Deploy continuous testing with independent station starts

Choose an array of cues including non-heating LED house lights, user selectable auditory stimuli, and quiet auto door

Switch between rats and mice in under 5 minutes using interchangeable grid floors

Easy to Use

GEMINI’s unique design allows you to run up to 8 independently operated stations directly from your laptop using a standard USB. In addition, by allowing you to define a complete study in advance, GEMINI eliminates run time data entry that could affect the accuracy of your results.

Scrambled Shock Provides More Accurate Responses

The GEMINI animal shocker – a solid state feedback-controlled, constant current shocker uses 8 unique outputs to scramble the shock across the grid floor. Scrambling the shock prevents the animal from determining a pattern and leads to more accurate responses.


Kinder, Gentler, Unconditioned Stimulus

The Gemini System offers an alternative air puff unconditioned stimulus. This is a kinder and gentler unconditioned stimulus.

GEMINI Optional Components

Air puff stimulation unit (AIRSTIM)

Additional test stations

Mouse passive avoidance start box

Grid floors (for rats or mice)

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Outside: 26”(W) x 13”(D) x 17 1/4” (H) Inside: 9 1/2”(W) x 8”(D) x 8”(H) (each side)


35 lbs.

Material Composition

Acrylic and aluminum, stainless steel (Gate)

Maximum # Stations


# of Photobeams

16 infrared per enclosure

Photobeam Spacing


Standard Cable Length

8 feet

Stimuli Options

Cue lights, house lights, sound, shock, gate

Color Options


Stainless Steel Grids

28 for rats, 62 for mice