Ugo Basile Passive Avoidance Step-Through

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This classic instrument for Pavlovian Conditioning exploits the tendency in mice and rats to escape from an illuminated area into a dark one (step-through method). The instrument consists of a tilting-floor box (for mice or rats) divided into two compartments by a sliding door and a control unit incorporating a scrambler shocker.

The Ugo Basile Passive Avoidance Step-Through Apparatus is used to assess memory function, based on the association formed between an environmental context, and an aversive stimulus (shock).

Tests are conducted in a two-compartment apparatus; one compartment is illuminated, whereas the second escape compartment is dark, but paired with a shocker. Eventually, the mouse learns to avoid the dark compartment, and show increased latency to enter that chamber. Each apparatus consists of a touch-screen controller used for programming settings and data collection, and a two-compartment cage.

Step-through avoidance latency detected automatically!

For the Mouse, Rat and Cat

The Basile Passive Avoidance Instrument is an efficient, reliable instrument for the classic passive avoidance task.

Rodents will normally crawl through a small opening into a darker chamber. If they are shocked in the dark chamber… this normal tendency is reduced, measured by longer latency or refusal to enter the dark chamber …that is, to passively stay where they are.

A unique elevator door design opens the passage to the dark side after a preset delay. The doors operate silently and automatically. Latency to pass through the doors is recorded with 0.1 sec. resolution. The controller allows digital setting of the shock intensity in milliamps.



57550-010          Software Activation Code for Passive Avoidance Step-Through         

57550   Ugo Basile Passive Avoidance (step-through), Rat  

58761   Additional Sensor and Enclosure for 58760             

57532   Extra Rat Cage for 57530