Orofacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) for Rats and Mice

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The Stoelting OroFacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) provides an automated measurement of hot or cold orofacial pain assessment in the trigeminal nerve in rats and mice. Using an operant behavior conflict paradigm, rodents voluntarily decide between receiving a reward or escaping an aversive stimulus.


OPAD testing is initiated when the animal presses against the dual peltier-controlled temperature elements (4°-75°C temperature range) to obtain a liquid reward. As the temperature (hot or cold) becomes aversive, the animal can withdraw.

The Orofacial Software will automatically track and display, in real-time, the following variables:

•       Temperature changes

•       Contacts with thermodes

•       Number of licks


The OPAD begins to work when the animal touches and presses between dual peltier-controlled temperature elements to obtain a liquid reward. As the temperature (hot or cold) becomes aversive, the animal can withdraw. The OroFacial Software will automatically track, the number of licks, contact with elements, and amount of liquid consumed.



Hot or Cold Temperature Control

Objective Pain Assessment

Operant Testing and Measures

High Throughput

Rackable System

Up to 16 Cages with a Single Computer

4° to 75°C Temperature Range

Easy to Clean

Easy USB Connection

Designed for use with Mice and Rats



The OPAD cage for either mice or rats is seated on a metal base that is easily cleaned. A metal rack is enclosed and can be removed and cleaned between animals. Animals are trained and tested in the cage; the reward bottle is positioned to allow access when simultaneously contacting the thermode with its orofacial region. The metal spout is connected to the data acquisition for recording each lick, in addition, contact with the thermode will record every touch and duration, finally the amount (grams) of consumption from the reward bottle is also recorded. Each cage is easily attached to computer via USB port.

Easy to clean

Thermode adjustable

Single cage for mice and rats

LCD display    

Bottle can be moved easily

Easy On/Off



All of this data taken from the hardware will then be displayed and analyzed using the OroFacial Software, a module of our popular ANY-maze software. The software will display and track in real-time the following events: temperature changes and contacts with the thermode, licks and weight of the reward bottle (Figure 1). Following completion of the test, the OroFacial Software will display graphs (Figure 2) and statistical analysis of the experiment(s) (Figure 3); of course data can be downloaded to other software programs.


The following functions are available with the Orofacial Software:

Set and change thermode temperature       

Automatically tracks licks, and touches to reward bottle & thermode

Ability to ramp temperature during experiment

Graphs and statistical analysis available

Up to 16 cages with a single computer       

Easy to use interface and protocol set-up

67500  OroFacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) System, Rat/Mouse

67501  OroFacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) Additional Cage