Ugo Basile Electronic von Frey™

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The Ugo Basile Electronic von Frey Instrument is provides automated assessment of threshold to mechanical stimuli in mice and rats. Mechanical allodynia and hypersensitivity is assessed by stimulating the plantar surface of the animal’s hindpaw and latency to paw withdrawal is recorded automatically. Instrument includes an electronic unit, touch stimulator and software used to compare applied force with desired target force. Optional base assembly includes perforated metal base, with stand, and multi-configuration animal enclosures.


Ugo Basile's Electronic Von Frey, the e-VF, is designed for applying light touch to the rodent foot and provides assessment of hypersensitivity and allodynia in rats and mice. The 57814 automatically records the animal response to user-controlled application of force rate.


A touch stimulator transducer is mounted on a Perspex handle, so that routine procedures may be employed to examine and test the animal skin sensitivity. A prism of original design is of great help to localize the aimed stimulation area


The completion of each test may be indicated either by the sudden withdrawal of the paw or by pressing the external foot-pedal. The display then gives the operator a summary of the results of the test (i.e. force and time corresponding to the animal response).


The rate of application of the force is set by the operator and the e-VF includes software tools that help the operator in consistently applying the force at the desired rate. The results of several hundred tests may be stored in the e-VF for transfer to a PC!


The instrument includes:

an electronic unit

the touch stimulator with the prism of original design

the software


The e-VF can be completed with the 57816 Base assembly for plantar stimulation.

Resolution:           0.1g

Force Range           1 to 1000g

Weight              1.4Kg

Shipping Weight       2.7Kg

Packing              46x38x27cm

57816       Ugo Basile Grid Platform for 57814, Complete      

57814       Ugo Basile Electronic Von Frey