Touch Test™ Sensory Evaluator

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The Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments provide an approximate logarithmic scale of actual force, and a linear scale of perceived intensity. They have a long history of effective use in clinical settings, and can be used to diagnose pathologies of hyper- or hypo-aesthesia. Subsets within the set of 20 probes distinguish pathologies on different parts of the body (foot, hand, lip, cheek,etc.).


Operating Principle

When the tip of a fiber of given length and diameter is pressed against the skin at right angles, the force of application increases as long as the researcher continues to advance the probe, until the fiber bends. After the fiber bends, continued advance creates more bend, but not more force of application. This makes it possible for the researcher using a hand-held probe to apply a reproducible force, within a wide tolerance, to the skin surface.


Pre-Clinical Use

Rodents exhibit a paw withdrawal reflex when the paw is unexpectedly touched. The Touch Test™ Sensory Evaluator can be used on the Plantar surfaces of the foot of a rat or mouse. The animal indicates sensation by pulling back its paw. Kit includes set of 20 retractable monofilaments and protective case. Optional base assembly includes perforated metal base with stand and multiconfiguration animal enclosures. Individual filaments also available for purchase.

Individual filaments available.

Optional Grid Platform, Product Number 57816, also available!


Semmes-Weinstein Von Frey Aesthesiometer for touch assessment

The Semmes-Weinstein von Frey Aesthesiometer is used for clinical and preclinical assessment and diagnosis of hyper- or hypoesthesia.


Set of 20 Nylon monofilaments based on the Semmes-Weinstein monofilament set

Features retractable filaments to protect the filament

Allows the researcher to carry a few in a pocket

Force Range 0.008-300g

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