Ugo Basile Plethysmometer

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For accurate measurment of the rat and mouse paw oedema.

The Ugo Basile™ Plethysmometer is a microprocessor-controlled volume meter that has long been the standard instrument for measurement of inflammatory edema in the rat and mouse paw. In research on rheumatoid arthritis, the central development of oedema, and its modifications by pharmacological proc-esses, it has proved of great value to measure inflammatory processes in the rat paw.

Our Plethysmometer displays the exact paw volume on the graphic LCD read-out. Small differences are detected by a transducer of original design.

Plethysmometer The Plethysmometer is provided with a pedal holding-command which freezes the reading, enableing the operator to concentrate its attention to the paw dipping.

The paw volume is shown on the multifunction graphic display in four digits, with 0.01 ml resolution.

A zero key is provided to zero the meter before each measurement.


The measuring cell consists of two vertical interconnected Perspex tubes; the animal paw is dipped in the larger tube to measure displacement. A smaller tube is also included in the standard package, to be replaced on the water cell for measuring the mouse paw.

The smaller tube contains the transducer which measures the conductance between two vertical wire electrodes, com-pensating changes in conductivity brought about by salinity and temperature alterations.


The Plethysmometer is microprocessor controlled, fea-turing direct PC output. Internally-stored data can be routed to the PC serial or USB port (Sold separately).

Communication is managed by a Windows® based data acquisition software package.

This software enables the data storage into individual files, ready to be easily managed by most statistical analysis packages available on the market.



Direct connection to a PC via included software

Multifunction graphic readout

Printout from thermal printer (optional)

Animal weight scale (optional)


The Basile Plethysmometer comes complete with the electronics block; a foot switch, an 18 mm water cell; a set of calibration volumes; a water reservoir; dust covers for the cells and electronics block; a bottle of wetting solution, and an operator’s manual. An optional thermal printer is available. Stand included.

Resolution:       0.07 ml.

Shipping Weight:      7.0 Kg approx.

Power:     110V or 120VAC, 30 VA.


57140       Ugo Basile Plethysmometer, Mouse/Rat       

57157       Water Cell, 25mm w/transducer   

57159       Water Cell, 35mm w/transducer   

57153       Spare Transducer    

57154       Water Reservoir     

57155       Calibration Probes (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 ml)  

57163       Four-to-Three Pin Cable for Plethys.       

57160       Wetting Compound (100ml bottle)

57146       Paper for Plethysmometer Printer, pkg/10