Ugo Basile Grip Strength Meter

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The Ugo Basile Grip Strength Meter automatically measures fore- and hindlimb grip strength in mice and rats. Peak pull force achieved by the limb is automatically measured and displayed. Each instrument includes control unit, base plate with grasping bar, and software used for comparing pulling force with desired target force rate.

The Ugo Basile Grip-Strength Meter automatically measures grip-strength (i.e. peak force and time resistance) of forelimbs and hindlimbs in rats and mice. The Grip Strength test is a perfect complement to the gold standard Ugo Basile Rota-Rod device for motor coordination and motor function experiments. The effects of drugs, toxins, muscle relaxants, disease, ageing or neural damage on muscle strength may be assessed.

The animal is placed over a base plate, in front of a grasping tool (either T-shaped, trapeze-shaped or grid ), whose height is adjustable.

The bar is fitted to a force sensor connected to the control unit, which can be used as a stand-alone or connected to a PC via the USB port, for monitoring and data recording, via the software provided as standard

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