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60516   Digital USB 2.0 CMOS Camera      

60517B USB 2.0 Male to Mini Cable, Right Angle, 15 ft.

60528   Lens for 60515 & 60516, Vari-focal, 2.8-12mm      

60529   Lens for 60515 and 60516, Vari-Focal, 6-60mm*DISCONTINUED     

60530   Lens for 60515 and 60516, Vari-Focal, 2.9-8.2 mm

60531   Lens for 60516, Vari-focal, 2.7-13.5mm     

60532   IR-Only Lens FIlter for 60528        

60533   IR-Only Lens Filter for 60531        

60540   Infrared Night Light Illuminator

60545   Universal Camera Mounting Bracket


Although ANY-maze can be used with a variety of cameras we recommend the 60516 as the camera option best suited for tracking. Lens and USB cable sold separately (60517B USB Cable required)


1/3 " Micron CMOS, progressive scan

Resolution up to 744 x 480 pixel

Frame Rate up to 75 images/s

Stoelting offers an outstanding selection of camera, lens, cable, mount and connector options.


A range of lenses chosen specifically for use in video tracking


High Quality Universal Camera Mounting Bracket allows the versatility of wall, ceiling, or drop ceiling rail mounting. Can be used as 3" mount with head attached to base or 6" mount when shaft is added.


360 degree rotation and 90 degree bi-directional tilt

Easy knob adjustment

Square mounting foot (2.5")

Removable 3" shaft

T-bar ceiling clip included

Aluminum alloy construction

Resolution           Format      FPS            Sensitivity

744x480                 1/3 "         60            4.8 V/lux-sec

640x480                 1/3.5 "      90            4.8 V/lux-sec

320x240                 1/7 "       150            4.8 V/lux-sec