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The most common test for motor coordination.

First developed by Ugo Basile, their Rota-Rod continues to be the world leader, and most referenced instrument, for assessing the effects of drugs, brain damage and diseases on motor coordination and fatigue in rodents. They are used in thousands of labs and referenced in hundreds of scientific studies. Mice and rats are placed on a preset rotating drum and time to fall is automatically recorded. Rat Rota-Rods consist of four, 6cm drums; Mouse Rota-Rods consist of five, 3cm drums.

The first Rota-Rod was made commercially available from Ugo Basile many years ago. Since then, thousands of papers have been published and the “Rota-Rod” technique (originated by a 1957 paper of N.W Dunham and T.S Miya) has proved to be of great value in research involving screening of drugs which are potentially active on motory coordination.

Both constant and accelerating speeds in one treadmill

When the animal falls off its cylinder section onto the plate below, the plate trips, thereby recording the animal’s endurance time in seconds.

The main features, digitally preset by function keys are:

ZERO noise!

The angular speed can be preset from 2-80 RPM in steps of 1RPM

In the acceleration mode, the speed changes can be preset in 6 second — 10 minute intervals in 6 second steps

Multi-step ramp now available!

Reverse rotation can be selected, which takes place at minimum speed, at the end of a programmable acceleration-deceleration sequence

A rocking motion is also presettable, with adjustable angular amplitude, speed, and acceleration

The tiltable digital panel shows accrued rotations and time on the rod.

The Rota-Rod includes software for connection to PC, and parameters can be controlled via your PC.

Available settings for each include:

• Angular Speed

• Reverse Rotation

• Rocking Mode

• Acceleration Mode

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