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Truly Standalone

All G&J Electronics' instruments are designed with flexibility and expandability in mind. The built-in intelligent processing unit, analog pressure and volume chart recorder outputs, along with a bright 40 character display and remote keypad, enable the Distender to be 100% standalone for standard barostat functions.

Sensory Function Testing

When combined with a Perception Panel™ and the Protocol Plus™ universal distension program for Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, the DISTENDER SERIES II™ becomes a powerful tool for sensory function testing. Protocol Plus™ has built-in protocol generators, a post experiment waveform viewer and a report generator.


One of the important aspects of G&J Electronics’ products is the reliability record of all of our models of barostats. Reliability is extremely important to our corporate clients. All instruments are covered by a 2 year worldwide warranty.

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