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Blackrock offers a wide range of headstages for recording distortion-free spikes and field potentials from high-impedance microelectrodes. The headstage provides an isolated low-impedance output that guarantees signal integrity, minimizes noise pickup by cables (as long as 3 m), and ensures maximum common-mode noise rejection by the Cerebus system front-end amplifier. Configurations are available for attaching to freely-moving or restrained animals as well as slice or cell-culture preparations.

  • Extremely-high, input impedance
  • Unity-gain voltage follower
  • Eliminates signal distortion
  • Buffered reference/ground channels
  • LED option for animal tracking
  • Cable wrap for animal-biting protection
  • Available in 16, 32, and 96 channels
  • Small- and large-animal connector options
Power supply+/- 1 V to +/- 6 V, < 3 mA
Input couplingDC
Input impedance10 G Ohms || 3 pF
BandwidthDC – 18 kHz
Cable wrap optionKevlar
Noise (input grounded)< 2.1 μV RMS
Output impedance< 100 Ohms
Dual LED optionRed, green, blue
Headstage Input Connector Dimensions (mm) Weight Cable
ICS-96 Dual-row, 40-pin Samtec 31 (H) x 28 (W) x 5 (L) 4.5 g Flat ribbon (1-3 m)
Omnetics 16-ch Dual-row, 18-pin nano Omnetics 21 (H) x 12 (W) x 4 (L) 2.3 g 36 AWG wires (1-3 m)
Omnetics 32-ch Dual-row, 36-pin nano Omnetics 24 (H) x 21 (W) x 4 (L) 2.9 g 36 AWG wires (1-3 m)
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