Micro Wire Arrays

Micro Wire Arrays
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Designed in collaboration with several laboratories, including that of Dr. Laura Peoples’ at the University of Pennsylvania, these arrays provide the optimum in flexibility for the investigator. We are able to assemble your arrays using a custom combination of various metals and insulating materials. We offer stainless steel as well as platinum/iridium metal wires, with either Teflon or Polyimide insulating material. Several clients have requested a stack of two or more connectors to increase the number of wires in the array, and at this time we can provide as many as 36 electrode wires in one array, including ground and reference wires.

These arrays are fabricated using stainless steel, silver, or platinum/iridium ground wires.

Please review our standard micro wire array designs, and keep in mind that you may specify most of the parameters associated with their fabrication. Download our “Design Sheet for Micro Wire Arrays” to specify your optimum design parameters.


Although we stock several Omnetics connector models, you may specify your own connector models. Select either stainless steel or platinum/iridium connector wires. You may choose connectors with or without ground and reference wire.

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