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Stoelting’s NEW multi-configuration behavior apparatus

ANY-box, Stoelting’s Multi-Configuration Behavior Apparatus, is a completely automated system designed to make behavioral tracking convenient, affordable and without compromising on features.

At the heart of ANY-box is the critically acclaimed ANY-maze software*, coupled to Stoelting’s new ANY-maze interface device. This combination of core components allows you to automate as many as eight ANY-boxes for simultaneous testing.

ANY-box is a customized version of ANY-maze software* together with the ANY-maze interface (AMi).
  1. Purchase the 60005 Software/Interface core one time. Once you own the Software/Interface core you can use it to track as many as 8 ANY-boxes simultaneously.
  2. Pair the Software/Interface Core with the amazingly versatile ANY-box Base (65101) which includes everything you need to monitor behavior:
    • Unique frame
    • FireWire camera (on an adjustable mount)
    • Exclusive photo beam array (to capture rearing behavior)
  3. Add an arena. You can mix and matchas many arenas as you would like. Therefore if you’re using your ANY-box as an Open Field but want to test animals in the Light/Dark box you need only swap out the inserts (sold separately).

*Note: Macintosh Operating Systems are not supported.

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