ANY-maze Cage

ANY-maze Cage
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The ANY-maze cage (AMc) is an automated, software-based, observation system for monitoring mouse behavior. The system is ideal for characterizing phenotypic behaviors especially as they relate to home cage activity and circadian rhythms. Using the renowned ANY-maze software, AMc collects continuous data related to:

  • Movements and spontaneous activity

  • Home cage activity

  • Rearing behavior

  • Diurnal activity

  • Running wheel activity

  • Food and water consumption

  • Sound and light control

Connect up to 8 cages to a single computer
The AMc isolation chamber was designed to help limit external and inter-subject influences such as facility lights and sounds, ultrasonic vocalizations, smells and movements. The chamber is equipped with
a ventilation fan and temperature sensor to keep the temperature within the chamber constant and stable.

The built-in infrared (IR) sensitive camera, IR LEDS and ambient light LEDS ensure robust tracking, regardless of ambient light conditions. These LED lights are software set and controlled.

  • Food and water consumption is determined using independent weight-cell transducers

  • IR arrays to determine rearing behavior

  • Running wheel allows for monitoring of exercise activity and provides enrichment

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