Stoelting Programmable Animal Shocker NEW

Stoelting Programmable Animal Shocker NEW
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The Stoelting Programmable Animal Shocker system is a multi-function, solid state unit that administers controlled scrambled shock with 8 unique outputs. The easy to read front panel displays current shock levels (mA) being administered to the subject. The front panel display remains active while the shock levels are adjusted.


  • Scrambled shock to eight individual outputs with controlled feedback

  • Programmable and manual adjustment modes in a single unit

  • Constant current, feedback controlled

  • Display of current levels being administered

  • Designed for use with rod grid floors

  • Compatible with the ANY-maze Interface and ANY-maze Software

When the shock is directed to the shock grids the actual shock delivered to the animal is shown. The user defines whether the shock amplitude is administered in manual mode using the Current Adjust knob on the front panel or programmable mode using the Programmed Input plug at the rear of the Animal Shocker to receive commands from a PC.

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