ANY-mazeTM Fear Conditioning System

ANY-maze<sup>TM</sup> Fear Conditioning System
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The ANY-maze controlled Fear Conditioning system is an ANY-maze software driven product ( A Fear Conditioning specific version of the ANY-maze software is paired with and controls all of the components necessary to conduct Fear Conditioning experiments on mice.

The system uses the two most common fear conditioning paradigms:

  • Contextual Fear Conditioning
  • Acoustically-Cued Fear Conditioning

Fear conditioning is the method by which animals learn to fear new stimuli. It is a form of learning in which fear is associated with a particular neutral context (e.g. a room) or neutral stimulus (e.g. a tone). This can be done by pairing the neutral stimulus with an aversive stimulus (e.g. a shock). Eventually, the neutral stimulus alone can elicit the state of fear.

The system includes the following:

  • Fear Conditioning Specific version of ANY-maze Behavioral Tracking Software

  • FireWire camera

  • Sound Generator

  • Shocker

  • Animal Enclosure with electrified grid floor

  • Sound-Attenuating Chamber with light and fan

  • Context Kit (to alter chamber’s color and texture)

ANY-maze software (specific to the Fear Conditioning apparatus)

  • Immobility (fear-induced freezing) quantitatively measured using video-based detection

  • Automatically calculates parameters of interest such as:

    • Total freezing time
    • Number of freezing episodes
    • Duration of freeing episodes
    • Latency times between stimuli and freezing events


  • Constant current (from 0.1 to 2.9 mA in 0.1 mA steps)

Sound Generator

  • Two Independent channels with adjustable frequency and intensity (100-40,000 Hz; 1-150 dB)

  • Two independent ‘white noise’ channels

  • ANY-maze driven

  • Speaker (and light) can be freely positioned within the sound-attenuation chamber

Enclosure with Electrified Grid Floor

  • 17 x 17 x 25(h) cm

  • Convenient and innovative opening and debris tray

Sound-Attenuating Chamber

  • Minimizes travel of ultrasonic vocalizations and fear-related pheromones

  • Includes light and fan

Context Kit

  • Includes a set of removable contexts to alter the animal enclosure’s color and texture

Note: Macintosh Operating Systems are not supported.

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