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NeuroMotive is a sophisticated digital video tracking system for capturing audio, video, tracking coordinates, and user-inserted events (e.g., seizure onset, task completion, drug delivery, object recognition) during experiments with behaving subjects. Camera options support video capture and multi-object tracking in light or dark environments with frame rates up to 100 Hz.

When combined with the Cerebus or NeuroPort data acquisition system, NeuroMotive enables researchers to simultaneously monitor behavior and neurophysiology. The two synchronized data streams are available in real-time for visualization, analysis, and closedloop applications.

Advanced DVD-like playback features facilitate comprehensive video-based review and editing of event records to ensure accurate information before exporting the neural data for event-related analyses.

  • Drug addiction
  • Learning and memory
  • Object recognition
  • Decision making
  • Place cells
  • Fear conditioning
  • Anxiety
  • Social interactions
  • Locomotion
  • Sleep studies
  • Epilepsy, Parkinson’s
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