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ISO-Flex- The Flexible Stimulus Isolator

ISO-Flex is a flexible stimulus isolator since:
ISO-Flex is optically-isolated.
You can switch the unit to constant current or constant voltage using the CURRENT/VOLTAGE switch.
You can get bipolar pulses by connecting two isolators.


Many stimulus isolators are designed to work with only one specific high voltage battery. If this battery needs to be replaced and you find it to be discontinued in the market, your work may be delayed or you may even have to replace the isolator. Due to the battery flexibility of ISO-Flex you are free of such worries.

ISO-FLEX is supplied with 2 batteries: a standard 9V battery in the ISO-Flex box and a 90V battery in the battery housing. The 9V battery is used for the operation of the isolator. The 90V battery is used to drive the output pulses. ISO-Flex is a flexible isolator since you can replace the 90V battery, with any kind of battery in the range of 9V-100V. The battery housing is designed to hold about 80% of the high voltage batteries available in the market. You can also use a special large battery without the battery housing.

Input: 5V-10V
Voltage output: 0-90V
Current output: 0-10mA
The output is divided into 3 ranges.

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