8-Channel Programmable Pulse Generator Model 3800

8-Channel Programmable Pulse Generator Model 3800
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A-M Systems is proud to introduce our new Model 3800 8-channel Programmable Stimulus Generator.

In response to many inquiries for a multichannel version of our popular Model 2100 Isolated Pulse Stimulator, we have developed this unit. The Model 3800 has 8 completely independent channels, a front panel touch screen, and computer control capabilities.

Each Channel can provide pulse durations as short as 1microsecond over a 15 minute timing interval, or up to 1ms with a 250 hour timing interval.

By using one channel to trigger another channel, you can combine the timing ranges, resulting in microsecond pulses occurring every 250 hours (if you needed such a schedule!).

Available Timing Ranges per channel:

  • 0=0 to 15 mins. @ 1µs resolution

  • 1=0 to 2.5 hrs. @ 10µs resolution

  • 2=0 to 25 hrs. @ 100µs resolution

  • 3=0 to 250 hrs. @ 1000µs resolution

This device is a constant voltage device, capable of producing 10V biphasic pulses. Complete gating, triggering, and sync outputs are available.


An optional stimulus isolation unit ±100 V and ±20 mA compliances. Watch for its release.

If you have any questions about this instrument, please contact our Physiology Product Manager, Dr. Jonathan Bakin.

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