Stim Switch

Stim Switch
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The Cerebus Stim Switch provides unprecedented electrodeswitching control for neural stimulation applications by enabling highquality neural recordings (spikes, field potentials) immediately after stimulation. The Stim Switch is as an add-on module for the Cerebus data acquisition system. It allows researchers to programmatically switch individual electrodes between a stimulation source and the recording electronics. Each Stim Switch headstage module can switch up to 32 electrodes. Multiple modules can be combined for switching up to 256 electrodes. Switch control is accomplished using the provided StimComm GUI or by external gating (TTL) with a 3rd-party control system.

>> Fast switching between stimulate and record modes

>> Switches up to +/- 15 V, 30 mA per channel

>> Available in 32-256 channels in 32-channel increments

>> Interfaces with low- and high-impedance electrodes

>> Ensures high-quality neural recordings immediately after stimulation

>> Real-time stimulus artifact rejection

>> Compatible with monopolar and bipolar stimulation paradigms

>> GUI software-control (StimComm) via PC serial port

>> Hardware (TTL) control

>> BNC or high-density connector interface to 3rd-party stimulation source

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