Manual Hydraulic Microdrive

Manual Hydraulic Microdrive
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Microelectrode positioning

  • Miniature hydraulic probe accepts metal and glass microelectrodes as well as amplifier probes

  • Sealed hydraulics eliminate periodic refilling

  • Versatile — adapters for acute and chronic preparations

Hydraulic microdrives, by virtue of remote control, transmit no hand vibration. They are capable of making smooth, accurate axial probe, or electrode, movements in increments as small as 1.0µ. The drum dial is graduated to read directly in microns.

Coarse control for rapid positioning is also provided. Rotation of the calibrated drum wheel on the control unit imparts probe movement through a sealed hydraulic system to the remote, separately mounted slave cylinder on which the probe or electrode is mounted.

The slave cylinder provides axial probe movement with a range of 15 mm. It is connected to the master cylinder by a flexible tube three feet long.

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