MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter for Mice and Rats

MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter for Mice and Rats
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The World's First, Affordable Pulse Oximeter

for Mice and Rats

  • Clinically Validated

  • Smallest Mouse Sensor

  • Stand-Alone System

  • Heart Rate, SpO2

  • Upgradable

Finally, there is an affordable pulse oximeter that works on both mice and rats. In the past, you would have paid thousands of dollars for a pulse oximeter device, the pulse sensor, separate software, and the computer. With the MouseSTAT™, you get it all for only $4650.

In addition, you have the capabilities to upgrade your MouseSTAT to include, all in just one unit, the “Right Temp”, a Homeothermic Temperature Controller, and the a CO2 Monitor – All in One!

The MouseSTAT non-invasively measures the oxygen saturation, heart rate, and perfusion index.

You will use the smallest and most reliable pulse oximetry paw sensor on the market today. Choose the size that is right for you; 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 13mm, or the Universal Y Clip. All sensors are made of specially designed, light-weight material that both protects the sensor and allows for free extremity movement. You can use any available pulse oximetry sensor (standard DB-9 connector) with this system.

Paw Sensors

The MouseSTAT system is an all inclusive system. You get everything you need to obtain accurate and consistent oxygen saturation data. There is no need for a separate computer. The built-in computer provides you with research information that is easily visible and customizable. The on-screen, real-time display has the capabilities to give you numeric readings, waveforms, or both, simultaneously. You have the ability to view historical data just with the touch of a button.

The MouseSTAT provides with you with a graphic display of the oxygen saturation waveform “OxiWave™” to ensure the highest level of signal quality.

Included with the system is a warming feature to aid in gently warming the animal if you are going to measure SpO2 in the tail. This feature includes 2 far infrared warming pads (8”x6” and 14”x14”) that are controlled by the MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter.

The Alarm Function allows you to set 4 different alarms for any measurable parameter. You can customize the alarm parameters to your desired clinical applications.

here for instructions on how to upload your data to a computer. The MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter works with DaisyLab, LabView, and Terminal Emulator programs.

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