BT DOT Polymer Probe Coating

NeuroNexus is pleased to offer Biotectix BT DOT conductive polymer coatings as an optional enhancement to its complete line of probe designs. For customers seeking to maximize the performance of their research electrodes for stimulation and sensing, BT DOT coatings offer the following potential benefits:

Improved Electrical Performance
  • Conducts both ionic and electronic charge for efficient and safe charge transfer
  • Highly conductive, reduced impedance in vitro and in vivo
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Higher charge injection and charge storage capacity
  • More efficient stimulation with reduced voltage and stimulation thresholds
Improved Mechanical Capabilities
Mechanical Capabilities
  • Increase electrode effective surface area without changing electrode size, shape, or implant procedure
  • Robust mechanically durable coatings, well-adherent in vivo
  • Tested chronically in multiple animal models
  • Demonstrate biocompatibility under 3rd party ISO 10993 testing
  • May minimize chronic tissue response and increase neuronal viability
Bio Capabilities
Ease of Use
  • Does not impact overall mechanical behavior of device
  • Sterilize using 70% ethanol or standard ethylene oxide gas
  • Adaptable to different geometries and materials
  • Ability to incorporate therapeutic agents such as dexamethasone to further minimize inflammatory response
Decreased Impedance Provides Improved Performance
  • LFP and Single Unit Recordings with Lower Noise
  • Lowers impedance (by approximately 50% in vivo) at 1kHz and even more at lower frequencies
  • Increases number of detectable neural units
  • Reduces recording artifacts and noise (higher SNR)
  • Allows recordings from small microelectrodes (<10 µm diameter)
Improved Charge Transfer between Device and Tissue
  • Delivers greater charge injection density than bare metal or iridium oxide-coated electrodes
  • Delivers safer stimulation with >50% lower voltage transients
  • Delivers better long-term performance than bare sites or state-of-the-art IrOx
  • More mechanically and chemically stable than IrOx during microstimulatio
BT DOT Cost & Availability

Please allow up to 4 additional weeks for BT DOT coating.

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
BT-DOT8BT DOT coating on 8 sites$192
BT-DOT16BT DOT coating on 16 sites$384
BT-DOT32BT DOT coating on 32 sites$768
BT-DOT64BT DOT coating on 64 sites$1536
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